Wealth and Investment Management

Our Investment Philosophy

Using our extensive knowledge of Behavioural Finance, we have created our unique Investment Philosophy. As a scientific approach to investment management it puts each investor at the heart of everything we do.

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Greg B. Davies, PhD, Head of Behavioural Finance at Barclays

What is Investment Philosophy?

Our Investment Philosophy combines modern portfolio management techniques with insights from Behavioural Finance and psychology. The result is an investment strategy that is truly tailored to an investor’s circumstances, objectives and Financial Personality. Over the following pages, we explore our Investment Philosophy in more detail and the research carried out by our Behavioural Finance team.

The limitations of Investment Philosophy

Investment philosophy is an approach to investing but not necessarily a cure all. You can still lose money and adopting this approach doesn't automatically mean that your investment performance will be better: but for the reasons we put forward, we believe that it's likely that it will be better.