Wealth and Investment Management

Our Approach

Through focusing on your investment behaviour and looking at your wealth in its entirety, we can create a customised strategy that’s truly built around each investor’s needs.

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Greg B. Davies, PhD, Head of Behavioural Finance at Barclays

A vision of investing

Using our collective expertise in Behavioural Finance, we have been able to create a framework that allows us to focus on what’s important to each investor. The diagram below outlines the different stages of this process (from left to right) and how they can benefit you.

You and
your wealth
Total Wealth Review

Understanding your overall financial situation and how you intuitively group your wealth

Financial Personality Assessment

Understanding how you are unique

Advice with a global perspective
Research and Strategy

Understanding the global economy and financial markets from a private client perspective

Asset Allocation

Creating optimal, diversified model portfolios that guide customised asset allocation

Tailored portfolio construction
Identifying the appropriate asset allocation for you

Using your unique financial personality to determine the asset allocation that best suits your long-term risk tolerance

Fine-tuning: Selecting the appropriate implementation

Implementing personalised investment selections to align your asset allocation to other facets of your financial personality

Customised Management

Adapting your portfolio to the changing environment

Monitoring and reporting

Evaluating the performance of all of your investments in the context of your situation


Total Wealth Review

Unlike most wealth managers, at Barclays we can take into account your entire wealth situation when making our recommendations.

Our first step is to assess where you are right now. The more we know about you, the better we can serve you. Building up a comprehensive picture of your wealth situation helps us to see where the gaps are, where you might be over-exposed to risk, and make sure that appropriate opportunities are not missed.

This means that we don’t just look at your Investment Portfolio, we also look at the other forms of wealth in your life, from your personal holdings, such as transactional cash reserves, to your opportunistic or higher-risk assets. This enables us to see your wealth as you see it, taking into account your emotional objectives as well as your financial goals.

Research and Strategy

We leverage the intellectual capital across the Barclays group and our own fundamental research to understand the global economy and financial markets from a private client perspective.

Identifying the right asset allocation for you

Our approach to portfolio construction allows us to create a truly bespoke portfolio that is uniquely suited to your financial personality and wealth goals.

With your Wealth Review and Financial Personality Assessment as the foundation, we start by selecting the right overall investment strategy for you.

Portfolio Rebalancing

Even the best investment strategy needs to be adjusted to stay on track. To ensure that your portfolio remains aligned with your goals, we monitor its performance and adjust its composition to adapt to changing market conditions. Additional short-term research recommendations enable you to take advantage of current investment opportunities.

Financial Personality Assessment

Everyone’s view of wealth is different. Barclays has developed a proprietary tool to help us construct an Investment Portfolio that is precisely attuned to your unique financial personality.

This tool, the Financial Personality Assessment™, measures six dimensions to determine how your emotional responses and attitudes toward investing shape your investment decisions.

The Financial Personality Assessment enables us to build up a high resolution picture of your financial characteristics in a robust, objective and scientific way. By understanding your unique financial personality, we can help you deploy more of your assets within an optimized Investment Portfolio.

Asset Allocation

Our asset allocation advice starts with our asset class selection, and incorporates finance theory, statistical analysis, and judgment based on experience. We then create optimal diversified model portfolios that guide customized asset allocation.

Fine-tuning your portfolio

Within the appropriate asset allocation, we tailor the selection of investments to suit multiple facets of your unique financial personality.


We realize that investment is a journey - so we will continue to adapt your portfolio to ensure it remains optimized for your needs and objectives. If an opportunity arises in a particular asset class, there is a strategic change to a fund manager or investment platform, your circumstances change, or your portfolio’s risk/return profile deviates from our expectations, we will work with you to take action.

You and your wealth

The first step in our approach is to see your wealth as you see it through a Total Wealth Review. By building up a comprehensive picture of your wealth situation, we can see where the gaps are, where there are imbalances and where there might be missed opportunities. For instance, many people invest too much in personal holdings (such as traditional cash reserves and their main residence) or business and opportunistic investments, and not enough in their investment portfolio. Understanding why certain investments appeal to you can help us know what you really want from your wealth.

For more information, download a copy of our latest brochure here.

Financial Personality Assessment

Understanding your investment behaviour is central to our Investment Philosophy approach. Traditional wealth advisors tend to focus only on an investor’s attitude to risk. However we feel that as a multi-faceted, financially aware individual you have a mixture of attitudes, goals and aspirations.

Step two in our process is therefore our Financial Personality Assessment which measures you on six personality dimensions using insights from Behavioural Finance and Psychology. It allows us to understand your attitudes to investment in detail so we can offer the best solutions based who you are, how you make your investment decisions, what is your attitude to risk and what you want your wealth to achieve.

For more information, download a copy of our latest brochure here.

Advice with a global perspective

Once we have detailed information on your Wealth Review and Financial Personality in place, the next stage is to identify which one of five model portfolios would best provide the right asset allocation for you.

As a leading global wealth and investment manager, Barclays has access to breadth of expertise across the wider Barclays Group. So by accessing the award-winning research capabilities of our Investment Banking division we can assess the global economy and financial markets from each private investors perspective.

At the same time, our sophisticated asset allocation approach allows us to select the best asset classes for your unique needs and which short-term adjustments could be used to enhance your portfolio.

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Tailored portfolio construction

With an overall investment strategy now in place, the next step is to fine-tune your portfolio using our knowledge of your unique Financial Personality. For example, your Market Engagement will determine both the speed of your investment into the market and the type of investments we recommend.

Then, to create additional emotional comfort along your investment journey, there are a number of extra methods we can apply to customise your portfolio. These include such things as phasing investments, smoothing your portfolio, active and passive management styles and liquidity.

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Customised management

The final step in our process is to provide ongoing management and monitoring of your portfolio. We keep in regular touch with you so that your investments can be adapted when new opportunities arise or the markets change.

Our purpose is to always ensure that we improve your returns, control risk and keep you informed so that your portfolio remains absolutely right for your needs.

For more information, download a copy of our latest brochure here.